The Inner Universe is the origin of all physical experience from which everything in our material world is created.  By learning to navigate this inner realm you can transform whatever you want to change about your life. Join us to discover, awaken, expand and explore this invisible infinite inner space.

Welcome to your Inner Universe where dreams become reality

What we physically perceive around us is a kind of mirror world. We project upon it all that we have come to expect to be real in our lives. People don't always pay attention to see how our own thoughts and feelings are reflected "out there." This realization is part of an awakening process that more and more people are currently experiencing. 

Once we begin to recognize the connection between our own attitudes and what's happening in our lives, we become empowered to make inner changes in order to transform and uplift ourselves and our world. We let go of our old "victim mentality" and our ability to influence events and circumstances improves. 

The purpose of this Inner Universe network is an international inner forum for changing our lives from the inside-out. We accomplish this by traveling directly into our Inner Universe to release the cause of any and all limitations in our lives.  The results of this process brings about extraordinary - and often instantaneous - changes in the mirror world around us.

By subscribing to INNER UNIVERSE Network, you will share in miraculous inner adventures conducted weekly via a secure online conference system. 

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Reshaping Your Reality

The word we see around us is a kind of a mirror. We project upon it all that we have come to expect to be real in our lives. Often we don't pay enough attention to notice how our own thoughts and feelings are being reflected in the events we experience. When we begin to observe the connections between what's going on -inside our own mind- and what happens in our lives, we awaken our inner power to influence outcomes beneficially. As we began to recognize these connections, we become more creative about resolving problems, right where they start, in our own attitudes and reactions. Making this discovery is an awakening process that's happening to more people on our planet right how. READ MORE about RESHAPING YOUR REALITY by clicking above on this article's title.

Finding Your Right Place     

Almost everyone feels, from time to time,”out of sync” with our surroundings. In contrast, at other times, we are uplifted by a sense of being “in the right place at the right time.” When that happens, things in our life just appear to fall into place the way we want them to, without undue effort or struggle. Of course, we’d all like to feel that way more often. So, the question is: how can we learn to bring about these good feelings – and successful results – more often? To answer this question, along with all other insights and guidance we seek, comes through our own inner conduit, the Inner Universe. . . READ MORE about FINDING YOUR RIGHT PLACE by clicking on this article's title.

Transcending Time

In today’s hectic lifestyles, many struggle with issues of time management. Calendars get filled with prescheduled commitments until one’s attention becomes absorbed in just dashing around from place to place. This leads to a build-up of internal stress about living up to all the commitments we’ve made, as if time is a tyrant ruling over our lives and we are its slave. Then, we can find ourselves feeling resentment, forgetting that we, ourselves, have set this frantic pace. Attention deficit has become common, too, with people so preoccupied with where to be next that they're not fully focused on where they are now. . .
READ MORE about TRANSCENDING TIME by clicking on this article's title.

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