The Inner Universe is the origin of all physical experience from which everything in our material world is created.  By learning to navigate this inner realm you can transform whatever you want to change about your life. Join us to discover, awaken, expand and explore this invisible infinite inner space.

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At this point the majority of people in the world still hold a “victim mentality.” We all sometimes have the feeling that the world is an overwhelming place where one’s personal influence over events appears limited. Blame, resentment and anger are common coping mechanisms. We use these feelings to shield ourselves from fear and guilt when we feel inadequate. Unfortunately, these bristly feelings drain our energy and block our ability to respond most effectively to our life challenges. Even though few people have reached the point of controlling our thought processes for the better, there's some good news:
Each of our own higher vibrational, loving thoughts have more impact than our negativity does! However inconsistent we may be in controlling our reactions to circumstances, every time we do "wake up" and choose to think differently, our energy level rises - as does our power to attract more of the good we really want and deserve. Think of your own positive thoughts as seeds you are planting in your Inner Universe. This is more than an analogy - at a quantum level, it's a fact! Even just playfully imagining better things to come plants seeds in the Inner Universe for happier times ahead. So don't worry when you sometimes fall back into self-pity, fear and doubt. Every present moment is an opportunity to begin a new start. Guilt is toxic to this inner garden - so don't stay hung up on your past mistakes. Self-forgiveness elevates our consciousness and can generate more compassion and caring to be reflected back in wonderful ways. Make it a practice to watch how your own self-forgiveness is reflected by the mirror world becomes kinder to you, too!

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Being distracted from our present-moment experiences can rob us from the satisfaction we sought for when we were planning, preparing for, and getting around from place to place in this endless parade of ongoing events. This sense that time, not ourselves, rules our lives can deplete our energy. We can become so overwhelmed when we contemplate these burgeoning obligations that exhaustion sets in. This fatigue doesn’t really come from our actual activities. Instead, it’s the result of mental duress in the face of feeling we just have too much to do.  There’s a way to break this cycle of psychological fatigue and energy depletion. It starts with the recognition that my life is my own creation, not my master. It’s all about choices. And the most vital choice we make is about how we choose to hold our attention. If my attention is constantly divided between where I am, where I just came from and where I’ll be going next, then I’m never fully present to where I am now. Yet, ironically, where I am right now is, at this moment, the only place that really matters.

People who function with this sense of presence have several advantages in life. You can be one of them, by following these simple tips:
Focus your attention fully with where you are now. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re in a major business meeting, in attendance at a class, driving down the road or at home just washing the dishes in the sink. Just focus on being right there, in the moment, wherever you now happen to be. As you do this, you’ll find there’s a lot to enjoy and appreciate there; from the people you are with, to the ideas being shared or the information being learned, or the breeze coming in from the car window, or the sparkling soap bubbles in the sink. There’s always some wonderful gift in each moment, when we are present to fully experience it. 

Remember it isn’t your past that limits your current potential. It’s only your own judgments about it that can do that. If you feel you let others down or you were disappointed by some one, make a decision to let that go now. Remind yourself, if you need to, that’s over. It isn’t happening right now. If a feeling of failure or inadequacy over some previous situation has haunted you, here’s a way to put in perspective once and for all. At the end of the day, before you drift into sleep, let your mind carry you back into that prior event. Only this time, when you revisit it, imagine it turned out differently. Say what you meant to say. Or do what you wish you would have done differently. Give attention to what you now think was needed there.  Or, if you were left feeling unloved, fill yourself back up with love right now. In sum, mentally “fix” the situation that was unsatisfactory to you before.

This works like magic because it clears the slate of your mind from any backlog of regret. This kind of mental renovation of our past perceptions has a tangible effect on our emotional state and lets us reclaim our energy and attention to more fully enjoy the events in our life yet to come.
As for those future plans on your calendar, let these evolve naturally. Don’t dwell on the future any more than the past. When  they actually become your present, savor those moments then.
  Being present in our here-and-now, with trust in the future and forgiveness for the past, is amazingly energizing! Then, this fresh supply of energy refuels us for tomorrow. All our tomorrows actually turn out much better when we simply allow ourselves to be fully here wherever we are right now. 

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What is the Inner Universe? Called by a quantum scientist, this infinite inner “Space of Variations,” contains all dimensions of our potential experience, both past and future. By turning our attention inward, we can access a portal which attunes us to this unbounded place where all possibilities for our most fulfilling future already exist. In a way, you could think of this as tuning the instrument of your mind to a particular “channel.” Once you do so, your own soul will navigate the clearest path to get your life going in the direction you prefer. 

This is actually easier to do than you might think. The challenge for most is that we’ve been conditioned to look for the “right” answers and solutions to our problems out in the world instead. Now that we’ve entered the Information Age,this happens more than ever before. Unfortunately, when we look for our needs to be met by frantically seeking our rewards in the mirror world around us,we are invariably disappointed. That’s because the underlying purpose of life, itself, no matter what the particulars of our personal goals, is to refine our connection to own higher consciousness.
What is the main differences between these two approaches to problem-solving? In the first instance, you were forgetting that the world didn’t create your problem. Somehow you did. Demonstrating the willingness to accept responsibility for our own issues is always a first step to opening the door to positive change. That’s because this one important decision determines how you direct your attention. Will you look for something outside you to “fix” you? Or will you, more wisely, turn within to request a course correction toward your best interests?

When you reach a more favorable outcome to your concerns, that always begins with a recognition that change is possible. Wake yourself up from those feelings of dread, gloom and doom, to realize that life is not stagnant. Your problem, no matter how overwhelming it feels at the moment, will pass. As someone once said: Instead of telling God how big your problems are, instead, tell your problem how much bigger God is!

To resolve any problem always starts, first, with a change in the attitude we hold in our mind. By restoring belief in your self, and in life’s greater potential for good, you will tune into that inner “channel” that connects you to where – and how -the best approach to a happier resolution awaits your welcome. Remember, always, no matter what: when you are unhappy in any way, your own soul knows a better way. So stressful times are the right times to settle down; turn within; be patient and look for signs and signals of positive progress. Inevitably, with this approach, answers and improvement will come!

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