The Inner Universe is the origin of all physical experience from which everything in our material world is created.  By learning to navigate this inner realm you can transform whatever you want to change about your life. Join us to discover, awaken, expand and explore this invisible infinite inner space.

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Why join this network?

It's easy to become absorbed in the mirror world - where most people's attention is all the time. When we get caught up in the world's negative feedback, life is a struggle and we often feel like powerless victims of our experience - like it or not. We can get forget our higher purpose and exhaust our energy without the results we deserve.

By participating to this network, you'll keep more in touch with what really matters to you. And you'll have ongoing direct access to the Inner Universe, that infinite inner field that can shift undesirable outcomes - and work miracles - in your life's events. Within each gathering, you will receive inner guidance that releases blocks to your success and you will restore your balance. You discover and awaken new resources that are just what you need to more effortlessly fulfill your intentions. 

As an IU subscriber, you will also connect up with a positive support network that empowers your healthiest happiest intentions. Attending gatherings - every Thursday you're available - and visiting the private Inner Sanctum - anytime you choose - you will develop your habit of remembering - and stay tuned into your highest potential and most positive life track! 
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